What We Do to Keep You Safe

Our Gas Operations continuously monitors the flow of natural gas through our pipelines and any changes in operating conditions. Our employees have the ability to adjust flows and operation pressures, and to shut off natural gas flowing in our larger pipelines.

That ‘Rotten Egg’ Smell
Natural gas is odorless, so as a safety precaution, we add a substance called mercaptan to give natural gas a “rotten egg” smell. This distinctive scent allows you to smell a potential leak if it occurs.

If you smell a natural gas odor:

  • Do not use any devices that might create a spark, such as light switches, phones, flashlights or electric appliances, including computers. A spark could ignite the gas.
  • Immediately have everyone leave the house.
  • Go to a nearby phone and call the Illinois Gas Company hotline to report the odor.
  • Keep everyone away from the building until given the “all clear” from a gas company employee.
  • Remember: Never try to find the leak yourself.

To report a natural gas leak, call (618) 395-8588 or (800) 633-6250.

What You Can Do to Keep Safe

  • Always keep one or more fire extinguishers in your home.
  • Properly install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Call 811 to have underground utility lines on your property marked before starting any digging project, large or small.


  • Gas appliances should have proper air circulation at all times.
  • Keep your natural gas appliances and equipment maintained and in good working order.
  • A gas flame should burn bright blue. A yellow or orange flame could indicate improper combustion or venting. Have your appliance checked by a certified contractor if you believe your system is not working properly.
  • Keep flammable or combustible items away from gas appliances and equipment.
  • Use natural gas equipment only for what it’s designed to do. For example, you should never use a stove or oven for heating.
  • Buy only natural gas equipment that has the American Gas Association Blue Star Seal of Approval, which shows that the appliance meets strict safety standards.


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