• Operate any electrical devices or switches.
  • Turn on any lights.
  • Use any matches.
  • Use the telephone.
  • Use a Flashlight.
  • Turn on the television or radio.
  •  Turn on the gas range or any appliances.
  • Open an automatic garage door.
  • Use Cellular Phone or Pagers


  • Evacuate the Premises
  • Leave the door open on your way out
  • Leave the area if you are outside
  • Go to the nearest phone and call Illinois Gas Company
  • Stay away until Illinois Gas Company states that it is safe to return






618-395-8588 or 800-633-6250

Carbon Monoxide Awareness:

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.  Assure that all fuel burning appliances are installed, maintained, and used properly and safely.

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of CO poisoning.  Symptoms can occur immediately or gradually after long term exposure.

Common symptoms include:  Dizziness; Shortness of breath; Headaches; Confusion; Nausea; Fainting.

If you suspect Carbon Monoxide is present immediately call the local fire department or 911.

Damage Prevention:

Underground Utilities Exist Everywhere CALL JULIE BEFORE YOU DIG 800-892-0123

Call at least two (2) Working Days Before the Start of your Work.

This information is being provided free of charge to all new and existing customers of Illinois Gas Company.  Copies are available at our local office or by mail please call us if you wish to have a copy mailed.


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